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THE SPACE AROUND US Searching for perfection through repetition.

Rafael creates beautiful illustrations of nature - primarily butterflies and shells - that are supported by architectural principles. Rafael leaves construction lines intact, in order to highlight the order and organization that lies beneath our seemingly chaotic world.

Charlie : Tell us a bit about your background

Rafael : I studied architecture and music in school. I’ve been drawing from a very young age – beginning in first grade when I would doodle on my school books…

C : How did you get into illustration?

R : I consider myself “a natural,” I’ve always been drawn to illustration. It’s something I simply couldn’t avoid.

C : What is your favorite thing to draw? Why?

R : My favorite theme is the space around us, with or without limits

C : What are some things that inspire your work?

R : Many things influence me, but more than anything, I’m inspired by nature.

C : Describe your creative process – how do you come up with an idea for a new piece?

R : After such a long time doing the same work, what I really try to do is to improve, to upgrade the ideas I already have, and so, time and again I repeat a single theme in order to achieve “perfection” which, of course, always eludes me.

C : Can you tell us about a piece / project that you worked on recently that you’re particularly proud / fond of.

R : Well, honestly, i’m not my own fan ( I like my work, of course) but I feel like I’m always wanting more, that perhaps the next artwork will do.

C : Where do you see yourself in a year? in five years?

R : Painting.

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