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As an autodidact, my work is the outcome of years of persistence, trial an error upon the theme of tridimensional geometry and the “platonic” search of the illusion of the “Truth”, by means of the development of structures which could perfectly be described as illustrated equations of natural subjects: shells, butterflies’ spirals, etc

I do all by hand, on my drawing board with classical architectural drawing tools (a compass, protractor, squares and rules) and I do not use any kind of computer software whatsoever


Artwork by Rafael Araujo

My approach to the Golden Ratio and its use within my Work has a geometrical character rather than a mathematical one. The golden Mean as well as the Fibonacci Spiral (directly related as quoted above) could be calculated with utter precision by using the classical tools of technical drawing. So there I place the challenge for those who dare to try their geometrical skills into this area.

For instance, when a Shell is calculated by the use of a Golden Ratio’s series, you achieve, amongst other things, certain kind of proportions which you can describe as “harmonic” at first sight. It doesn’t mean, however, that all shells have the Golden Ratio in its origin, or that any shell calculated with other proportions is, so to speak, unworthy. It’s more a matter of the appropriated use of a means for an end. For any given circumstance there will always be the proper set of proportions which would suit it in the best way possible, Golden or, for instance, logarithmic.

I’d love to say that Golden Ratio is the magic number which produce the perfect results. In my own experience, it’s another tool in the search of that perfection.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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